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Chapter 5
Excel Services
During my presentations, I always ask, “How many of you use Excel?” and “How many of you use Excel with
SharePoint?” And the answers are always the same. A lot of people use Excel. And many of them use Excel with
SharePoint by collaborating on workbooks. But there’s lots more you can do, using Excel Services. Of all the
SharePoint facilities, Excel Services offers you perhaps the greatest “bang for the buck” value. Let’s start exploring
Excel Services.
What Will You Learn in This Chapter?
As we delve into Excel Services, we’ll be covering a lot of ground, as you can see from the following list of topics:
Introduction to Excel Services
Setting up Excel Services
Authoring and publishing Excel to SharePoint 2013
What’s new in Excel Services 2013
Connecting through REST-based API
Consuming Excel Services through a SOAP interface
Connecting Excel and SSAS
Excel and PowerPivot
ECMAScript (JavaScript Object Model) and Excel Services
Software Prerequisites
To get the most out of this chapter, you’ll need the following software:
SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Edition
Office Excel 2013 x86 or x64 (though the 64-bit version is required when you want
to handle large datasets)
SQL Server 2012
Adventure Works Database downloadable at
SQL Server 2012 Client Tools, downloadable at
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