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Reporting Services Templates
Report Server Project Wizard: Wizard that facilitates the creation of reports from a data
source and provides options to select various layouts and so on
Report Server Project: The template for authoring and publishing reports
Figure 1-14. Creating a new project in SSDT
Transforming OLTP Data Using SSIS
As discussed earlier, data needs to be extracted from the OLTP databases, cleaned, and then loaded into OLAP in
order to be used for business intelligence. You can use the SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) tool to accomplish
this. In this section, we will run through various steps detailing how to use Integration Services and how it can be used
as an ETL tool.
SSIS is very powerful. You can use it to extract data from any source that includes a database, a flat file, or an
XML file, and you can load that data into any other destination. In general, you have a source and a destination, and
they can be completely different systems. A classic example of where to use SSIS is when companies merge and they
have to move their databases from one system to another, which includes the complexity of having mismatches in the
columns and so on. The beauty of SSIS is that it doesn’t have to use a SQL Server database.
ssis is considered to be the next generation of Data transformation service (Dts), which shipped with sQl
server versions prior to 2005.
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