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Figure 5-1. Excel Services 2013 architecture
excel Web Services and the excel Web access Web part are not the same. the excel Web access Web part is
the Ui element that renders the workbooks as htMl output, while excel Web Services provides access to web services by
which you can programmatically set, calculate, and retrieve values from workbooks.
Before going any further, let’s set up the basic infrastructure for using Excel Services.
Setting Up Excel Services
Excel Services is installed by default with the SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise version; you don’t need to install
anything else. But you do need to configure it. First, on your SharePoint site, ensure that the SharePoint Server
Enterprise Site Collection Features feature is activated under the Site Collection Features.
Excel Services is available as service applications , which allow better management, control, and deployment. You
can access them from Central Administration Application Management Service Applications Manage Service
Applications. You can create a new service application, manage an existing service application instance, or connect to
a service application on a different server.
To create a new Excel Services application, click the New button on the Service Applications menu and choose
Excel Services Application (Figure 5-2 ). In the Create New Excel Services Application pop-up window, fill in the values
for Name and Application Pool and choose whether or not the service application should be added to the farm’s
default proxy list.
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