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Calculation Behavior
If your workbook contains formulas, you can control the calculation behavior by setting the below two options:
Volatile Function Cache Lifetime: This is the maximum time a volatile function is cached
in order to compute values for automatic recalculations of sheets containing volatile
information. Volatile functions—such as RAND(), TODAY(), and NOW()—are those that are
always calculated. Valid values range from –1 to 2073600 (24 days). If the value is set to –1,
calculations are loaded once while opening. Set the value to zero to always calculate.
Workbook Calculation Mode: Set the value to any of the following:
File , to load calculations specified in a file
Manual , to recalculate only when a request is received
Automatic , to recalculate on any change to a value that all other values are dependent on
Automatic except data tables , to recalculate on any change to a value that all other values
are dependent on as long as the values are not in a data table
External Data
In most of the business intelligence reporting scenarios, you would have connections defined in your workbook to
fetch data from external data sources such SQL Analysis Services or other data sources into your workbook. Here are
the various options available in handling such external data connections.
Allow External Data: To allow ECS to process external data connections, set the value to
any of the following:
None , to disable all external data connections
Trusted data connection libraries only , to allow data connections that are saved to a trusted
data connection library and ignore those embedded in the worksheet
Trusted data connection libraries and embedded , to allow data connections to data sources
that are saved to a trusted data connection library. If the connection fails, the server will
enable connections embedded in the worksheet.
Warn on Refresh : Choose this option to display a warning message before refreshing the
external data for files in this location.
Display Granular External Data Errors : Choose this option to display error messages when
files in the location have data failures.
Stop when Refresh on Open Fails : Choose this option to stop opening a file when the user
does not have permissions to open the workbook.
External Data Cache Lifetime : Set the maximum time that external data query results can be
used by the system. Set the maximum refresh time value in seconds for either automatically
or manually refreshing external query results the system can use. Valid values range from
0 to 2073600 (24 days). Set to –1 to prevent a data refresh after the initial query.
Maximum Concurrent Queries Per Session : Set the maximum number of data queries that
can run simultaneously in a single session. Valid values are positive integers.
Allow External Data Using REST : Choose to enable the data refresh from REST APIs.
However, if the Allow External Data value is set to none, this wouldn’t be in effect.
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