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Figure 5-15. Setting the chart name
Create another calculated column of data for computing task allocation estimated hours
per assignee. to compute the sum of task allocation estimated hours per assignee, you can
create a pivottable from the excel data. From the insert tab, select pivottable. in the Create
pivottable window, choose to place the pivottable in a New Worksheet and click OK. a new
sheet will be created, and you’ll see a pivottable added to the sheet. From the pivottable
Field list, select the “assigned to” and “estimated work (hours)” items and see how that
data is added to the pivottable, as shown in Figure 5-16 .
Figure 5-16. Using a PivotTable to sum data in an Excel workbook
return to Sheet1, and insert another 3-D pie chart. then select the previously created
pivottable as the data range for this chart. Set the chart layout (layout 1) to display the
percentage of task allocation.
Your excel worksheet should now look similar to the one in Figure 5-17 .
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