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the excel Services 2013 viewer provides improved support for rendering 3-D Charts on the browser. in earlier
versions of excel Services, 3-D charts used to render as flat 2-D objects.
Now you’ve seen how a published excel file renders in a browser. it can also be loaded using an excel Web access (eWa)
Web part, which has the same rendering behavior—but eWa comes with more functionality that we will discuss now.
Using an Excel Web Access Web Part (EWA)
Using the Copy Shortcut link from the context menu, retrieve the Url of teamtasks.xlsx.
Create a page under Site pages library called Excel Demo .
Open and edit the page. Choose Web part item from the editing tools insert tab. Under
Business Data Category, select the excel Web access Web part and click the add button to
add a Web part to the page.
edit the eWa Web part, or choose to open the tool pane. From the configuration window, enter the
teamtasks.xlsx Url path under the workbook input box. You can also use the text box’s “pick Url” icon.
leave all other entries with the default settings, and click OK.
TeamTasks.xlsx will render in the eWa Web part, as shown in Figure 5-19 .
Figure 5-19. The Excel workbook loaded using an EWA Web Part
excel Services vs. excel Web apps. Note that excel Services in Sharepoint is a platform for hosting excel client
files on a server using the excel calculation engine. excel Web apps, on the other hand, is an online version of Office
excel. For more information, read the article “Comparing excel Services in Sharepoint to excel Web app” at .
Now let’s see how easy it is to extract content from this excel sheet—including the charts—and use it in a Word
application. to do this, we’ll use the reSt-based api.
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