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Excel Services REST API
As mentioned earlier, the REST API was introduced in Excel Services in SharePoint 2013. It enables simple yet
flexible and secure access to Excel workbook content via a URL. You can either manually or programmatically access
resources such as ranges, charts, tables, PivotTables, and Atom feeds over HTTP.
A URL through which you can access workbook content consists of three parts:
URI: The Excel REST page
Location of workbook: The relative path to the workbook, including the file name
Location of resource: The path of the resource for the workbook
Here is a sample URL that contains all three elements:
In this example, http://<site>/_vti_bin/ExcelRest.aspx is the URI, /<exceldocumentlibraryname>
/<excelfilename> is the location of the workbook, and <resourcelocation> is the location of the resource.
For more information on accessing the resource location using the reSt api, read “resources Uri for excel
Services reSt api” at .
Let’s use the TeamTasks.xlsx file and retrieve the embedded chart using the REST API. But first let’s generate an
Atom feed from the Excel workbook using the discovery user interface in the Excel Services REST API. This mechanism
enables you to explore the elements that exist in the workbook. Copy the shortcut to the Excel file from the document
library. Construct a URL like the following that generates output as shown in Figure 5-20 :
http://<yourServerName>/_vti_bin/excelrest.aspx/<Excel lib>/<Excel file>.xlsx/model
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