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Figure 5-20. Excel Services REST API delivering an Atom feed
If is your SharePoint site, Excel Library is the document library where your Excel file is
published, and TeamTasks_data.xlsx is your Excel file, the URL to obtain the feed would look like this:
To access and retrieve the chart image from your Excel workbook using REST, you need to build the URL with
a different resource location. Remember the chart name you provided in the previous exercise (Figure 5-15 )? You’ll
have to use that chart name to retrieve the chart from your Excel workbook. Construct the URL as shown here, and
enter it in the address location of the browser to get the output:
http://<yourServerName>/_vti_bin/excelrest.aspx/<Excel lib>/<Excel
file>.xlsx/model/charts('<chart name>')?$format=image
Let’s use the previously constructed URL to generate the chart image and embed it in a Word document.
Open the Word 2013 client. From the Insert tab, choose Quick Parts and then Field. In the Field window, choose
IncludePicture from “Field names” section and then paste the URL in the “Filename or URL” text box as shown in
Figure 5-21 .
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