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Figure 5-22. A Word document displaying a chart from Excel Services using the REST API
You can use this technique to display an object on a non-Sharepoint web site or a Sharepoint web site in another
farm using the Content editor Web part.
What’s so interesting about the chart image in Figure 5-22 is that it is real-time, live, and up to date. This
embedded chart image will reflect changes immediately, as soon as data changes in the workbook and the field is
updated in the Word document.
to retrieve external data using reSt, ensure that the “allow external data using reSt” check box is selected
under Central administration application Management Service applications Manage Service applications excel
Services application trusted File locations {edit location} external Data. For analysis purposes, you can set the
values in the workbook using the reSt api and observe the changes in the charts.
That was easy, effective, and very useful. However, there are few features that are not supported in the Excel
Services REST API.
Floating charts: If you request a range through REST that contains a chart, only the range will
be returned, not the chart.
Sparklines and conditional formatting: Sparklines on columns and conditional formatting
are not supported.
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