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Use Windows Authentication/SQL Server Authentication.
Choose the source database. In this case, select the “AdventureWorks” database.
Next, choose the destination options and, in this case, select “Flat File Destination.”
Choose the destination file name, and set the format to “Delimited.”
Choose “Copy data from one or more tables or views” from the “Specify Table Copy or
Query” window.
From the Flat File Destination window, click “Edit mappings,” leave the defaults “Create
destination file,” and click OK.
Click Finish, and then click Finish again to complete the wizard.
Once execution is complete, you’ll see a summary displayed. Click Close. This step would
create the .dtsx file, and you need to finally run the package once to get the output file.
Importing can also be done by using various data flow sources and writing custom event handlers. Let’s do it step
by step in the next Problem Case.
prOBLeM CaSe
the sales data from the adventureWorks database consists of more than seven tables, but for simplicity let’s
consider the seven tables displayed in Figure 1-17 . You need to retrieve the information from these seven tables,
extract the data, clean some of the data or drop the columns that aren’t required, and then load the desired data
into another data source—a flat file or database table. You might also want to extract data from two different data
sources and merge it into one.
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