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Figure 5-36. Excel workbook with pivot table, chart, and fields
From the pivottable Field list, choose Sales amount from the Sales Summary and drag it into
the valUeS area.
From Date Fiscal, choose Fiscal Year and drag it into the COlUMNS area.
From product, choose product Categories and drag it into the rOWS area.
Choosing these three fields adds a pivottable with data and the chart to the worksheet. Now let’s now add a little
more functionality to the sheet. We will create some trends based on the data using sparklines.
Select cells ranging from B3 through F7 and, from the insert tab, choose line.
in the Create Sparklines window with the data range selected, enter the location range where
you want to display the Sparklines (in this case, use G3:G7) and click OK. Sparklines will be
created in the selected range as shown in Figure 5-37 .
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