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From the Filter section on the insert tab, click on Slicer. if you have more than one
connection file related to this excel workbook, you’ll be prompted to choose the existing
Data Connections. Select the previously created data source connection, and click the Open
button. Otherwise, skip this step.
From the insert Slicers window, choose region from the Sales territory and Sales Channel
from Sales Channel and click on OK. this adds two slicers, region and Sales Channel, as
shown in Figure 5-39 .
Figure 5-39. Slicers in Excel
place the slicers below the graph and, from Slicer tools Options buttons, change the value in
the Columns input. increase the value to fit the columns in a single row.
the final sheet should look like the one in Figure 5-39 .
Click on any of the Slicer filters and see how the data gets filtered on the pivottable and Chart.
From the Backstage view, click on the Save & Send option to publish the workbook to
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