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Figure 5-50. Choosing SSAS or PowerPivot as a database
in the table import Wizard, provide a friendly connection name, a server to connect, and the
log-on credentials.
For the database, choose either adventure Works DW 2012 or whichever you selected earlier.
Click on test Connection to ensure the success of the connection.
Click on the advanced button to view the connection properties. after successful verification,
you can click either OK or test Connection.
Click Next to configure the MDx query. provide a valid Friendly Query Name, and click on
Design to open the table import Wizard.
the table import Wizard lets you select dimensions and measures from the available cube in
the adventureWorks database.
in the Measure Group pane, expand the Measures. Select and expand internet Sales and
choose internet Sales amount. Drag and drop to the pane on the right.
From the Dimensions, choose the Date Fiscal Date.Fiscal Year hierarchy and then drag
and drop it onto the Dimensions filter window. in the Filter expression column, select all
periods and click OK.
Drag and drop the attribute Date Fiscal Year to the section on the right.
repeat step 9 for the Dimension – product. Choose Category, and drag and drop Category on
to the section on the right.
add Subcategory, in the case of adventure Works, to the section on the right.
Your final window, before you click OK, should look like the one in Figure 5-51 . Once you verify the details, click OK.
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