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Figure 5-56. Excel Viewer displaying Excel with PowerPivot and data on SharePoint
You can now click on the slicer (filter) to analyze the filtered data. in our example, we imported
data only from a single table for demostration. But in real-life scenarios, you would import data
from multiple tables, establish links between them, and then perform an analysis on it.
there is much more to this excel data. You can use the path of the published excel file as a data source and
connect using SQl Server analysis Services. You can also load the data while using SQl Server reporting Services or
performance point Services.
You’ve already seen how to use excel Services with the reSt-based api. another api available for developers is
the JavaScript Object Model (JSOM) for excel Services. With JSOM, you can handle events on user actions and
connect with one or more eWa Web parts on the page.
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