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Figure 6-9. Analytic chart and graph reports
PerformancePoint generates some reports entirely within itself, but some reports are created in cooperation with
other technologies. Here are the report templates supported:
Analytic Grid: As shown in Figure 6-9 , this type of report displays figures as a set of rows and
columns. This control is very similar in look and feel to the PivotTable report used in previous
versions of PerformancePoint.
Analytic Chart: As shown in Figure 6-9 , this report displays an interactive chart of the
specified data. The user can drill into and roll up the data on this type of chart just as with
an Analytic Grid.
Excel Services: An Excel spreadsheet published using Excel Services can be referenced
and used to display its data as an integrated part of a dashboard. See Chapter 5 for a full
description of Excel Services’ capabilities.
KPI Details: This simple report displays all of the properties of a selected KPI metric
on a scorecard. This report must be connected to a scorecard to display any data.
Reporting Services: An SSRS report can be connected to a dashboard for rich report
Strategy Map: This type of report uses a Visio diagram as a template for displaying KPIs
in a graphical format. A typical use of a strategy map report is to display a map color-coded
by a KPI’s indicators. It is also possible to display numeric and text data on the map.
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