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Figure 6-17. Sample Show Details report
The “Initial retrieval limit” limits the number of rows that can be retrieved on the first page of the details report.
The default of 1,000 is generally sufficient without creating too great a load on the server. The “Maximum retrieval
limit” is used to prevent excessively large datasets from being returned on subsequent pages of the report. You can
either choose a fixed number of rows or leave control of this setting with Analysis Services. To reduce page load times
and unnecessary server traffic, consider reducing this value to one in line with the expected use of the report.
Decomposition Tree
The Decomposition Tree feature is a very powerful analytical tool, with an interface designed to be simple and
intuitive to an untrained user. (See Figure 6-18 .) The Decomposition Tree leverages the dimensions already built
into the solution to drive the analysis. It allows users to do a complex analysis without involving a developer.
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