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To add a location with this dialog box
Click on Add Trusted Data Source Location. The dialog shown in Figure 6-21
will be displayed.
Figure 6-21. Creating a specific trusted data source location
Enter the URL of a SharePoint-based site or document library. Only SharePoint locations
can be used.
Click on the validation button to the right of the URL text box. If the location is a valid one,
the other controls will be enabled.
Select the Location Type option to use, and enter a description for the trusted location.
Click OK to create the trusted location.
Trusted Content Locations
Trusted content locations are configured in the same way as trusted data source locations with the following
exception. PPS content items created by the Dashboard Designer application—such as KPIs, Scorecard, Reports,
and so on—are stored in SharePoint lists instead of in document libraries. Therefore, when selecting trusted locations,
the options are Site, Site Collection, or List.
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