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Authoring and Publishing PerformancePoint Solutions
In this section, we will create all of the PerformancePoint content objects necessary to implement a typical business
intelligence dashboard using data from the AdventureWorks sample database. Our solution will include the KPIs,
scorecards, filters, reports, and dashboards necessary to provide the user with a rich data analysis environment.
We will deploy this solution to SharePoint and explore the resulting user experience.
In the following section, “Advanced Report Types,” we will then expand on this solution by adding reports
to the dashboard based on Excel Services and Strategy Map report types.
this tutorial will make extensive use of the adventureWorks SSaS solution. You can download the
adventureWorks database from . take a look at Chapter 1 for details
about deploying the solution as an SSaS database.
prOBLeM CaSe
author and publish a Bi solution that allows a marketing manager at adventureWorks to analyze the effectiveness
of his marketing campaigns by product and sales channel.
the solution for this case will be created in the following sequence:
enable all necessary features in Sharepoint, and create a site using the Business intelligence
Center site template.
Create a Dashboard Designer workspace in which to create the solution components.
Create a data source from which to retrieve the business data.
Create a set of Kpis representing the data.
Create a scorecard to display the Kpis.
Create a set of filters to control how the data is sliced by the user.
Create a set of reports allowing the user to perform an analysis on the underlying data.
Create a dashboard that integrates all of these components into an interactive analysis
engine designed to help the user make decisions.
Deploy the solution to Sharepoint, and examine the user experience exposed
by the dashboard.
Before attempting to follow this tutorial, you should already be familiar with basic BI and PPS concepts such
as dimensions, measures, KPIs, scorecards, etc. If not, please refer to “Business Intelligence Solution Components”
earlier in this chapter for PPS components and Chapter 1 for dimensional-modeling concepts.
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