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You can tell that an item hasn’t been published because there is a pencil superimposed on its icon in the
Workspace Browser.
Select the Adventure Works data source in the Workspace Browser.
Click the Save icon again. The pencil icon will disappear from the item, and the data
source should appear correctly in the Data Connections Library. (See Figure 6-34 .)
Figure 6-34. Saving the PerformancePoint data source to the Data Connections Library
Now that we have set up our data source and started our workspace file, let’s get ready to retrieve data
for analysis.
Creating Key Performance Indicators
Our dashboard will contain one set of KPIs. We will create a set of actual and target metrics that will allow the
marketing department to track the effectiveness of their promotions in terms of their effect on Gross Profit Margin.
Our workspace is currently connected to the Data Connections Library, but that area can be used only to store
data sources. To create the KPI, you need to connect your workspace to the PerformancePoint Content list in the
BI Center site:
Open the workspace file Marketing.ddwx that you created in the previous section.
In the Dashboard Designer’s ribbon menu, select Home Workspace Add Lists.
Select PerformancePoint Content from the BI Center site you created earlier,
and click OK. (See Figure 6-35 .) The PerformancePoint Content list now appears
in the Workspace Browser.
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