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This dialog allows the designer to select a measure from the cube and, optionally, perform
filtering on it or enter an MDX query expression to retrieve the value. Select “Gross Profit”
from the “Select a measure” drop-down list, and click OK. The result is shown in Figure 6-43 .
Figure 6-43. Mapping to the Gross Profit measure
Now we will create a target that indicates that we want to break even (GP >= $0) on each
promotion. Set the name of the target metric to “Breakeven.” Then change the data
mapping value to “0” instead of the default of “1.” Notice that the Compare To field points
to the Gross Profit actual metric. This indicates that the target value, 0, will be compared to
the actual value, which is the Gross Profit measure returned from the cube. (See Figure 6-44 .)
Figure 6-44. Creating a breakeven metric for Gross Profit
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