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Creating a Scorecard
On our dashboard, we want to display a list of the promotions we’ve run and the values of our KPIs for each
promotion. This is called a scorecard (shown in Figure 6-52 ), which we will create as a separate component
in our workspace (inserted using the text markup feature):
Open the Marketing.ddwx workspace file.
Right-click on the PerformancePoint Content list in the Workspace Browser, and select
New Scorecard.
From the “Select a Scorecard Template” dialog box, deselect the “Use Wizards to create
scorecards” option and click the OK button.
Name the scorecard “Promotion Scorecard” (and add it to a display folder if you want).
Figure 6-52. An empty scorecard
The empty scorecard shown in Figure 6-52 has two main areas. The center window is where you design the
scorecard; you will be able to arrange and format items in this window. To the right are panels that provide the
elements to go on the scorecard. First, we identify the KPIs to be shown, and then we identify the rows and grouping
to use in calculating the KPIs:
In the Details panel, open the KPIs branch of the tree until you reach the Profit Margin KPI.
(See Figure 6-53 .)
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