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Figure 6-53. The Profit Margin KPI
Drag the Profit Margin KPI from the Details panel to the header area of the scorecard.
(See Figure 6-54 .)
Figure 6-54. Adding the KPI to the scorecard
Select Adventure Works from the drop-down list under Data Source. (See Figure 6-55 .)
Note that the Data Source panel is in the bottom right corner of the designer window,
under the Details panel.
Figure 6-55. Choosing Adventure Works as the data source
Under Details, select Dimensions Promotion Promotions. This is the main hierarchy
of promotions that will allow us to roll up or drill down into our KPIs.
Drag the Promotions hierarchy onto the row area of the scorecard. This displays the Select
Members dialog. (See Figure 6-56 .)
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