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Figure 6-122. Connecting the Reseller Promotions shape to the scorecard
The Connect Shape dialog shows a view of the underlying scorecard. Select the cell at the
intersection of the Reseller row and the “GP% vs. no Discount” column.
Ensure that the “Show KPI name in shape text” check box is not selected, and click the
Connect button.
Click Close and the Reseller Promotions shape will now be colored the same as the KPI.
Repeat steps 14 though 16 for each of the other shapes on the diagram. Your colors might
vary depending on the filters that are active in your environment. The important thing
is to connect the proper shape to the correct KPI.
Drag the cursor over the diagram to select all of the shapes.
Right-click one of the shapes, and select Data Edit Data Graphic.
Click the New Item button.
On the New Item dialog, select the options shown in Figure 6-123 .
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