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Create a new data source by right-clicking on Data Sources and selecting New Data
Source; this opens the New Data Source Wizard.
Click the New button, and choose the various Connection Manager options to create the
new Data Connection using the database AdventureWorksDW2012.
Click Next, and choose “Use the service account” for the Impersonation option. You can
also choose other options based on how your SQL Server is configured.
Click Next, provide a valid Data Source Name (AW Sales Data DW in this case), and click
Finish, as shown in Figure 1-37 .
Figure 1-37. The SSAS Data Source Wizard completion screen
The next step is to create the data source views, which are important because they provide
the necessary tables to create the dimensions. Moreover, a view is the disconnected mode
of the database; hence, it won’t have any impact on performance.
Right-click Data Source Views, and choose New Data Source View, which brings up the
Data Source View Wizard.
Select an available data source. You should see the AW Sales Data DW source you just
Click Next, and choose the available tables from the Select Tables and Views window.
(See Figure 1-38 .) Select the dimension and fact tables you created earlier, and click Next.
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