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Figure 1-38. SSAS Data Source View Wizard
To save the data source view, provide a valid name (AW Sales Data View) and click Finish.
Notice that Design View now provides a database diagram showing all the tables selected
and the relations between each of them.
Now you can create either a dimension or a cube, but it’s always preferable to create
dimensions first and then the cube, because the cube needs the dimensions to be
ready. Right-click Dimensions, and choose New Dimension, which brings up the
Dimension Wizard.
Click Next. On the Select Creation Method screen, choose “Use an existing table” to create
the dimension source, and then click Next.
On the next screen, choose the available Data source view. For the Main table, select
Dim_DateTime and then click Next.
The next screen displays the available attributes and types. (See Figure 1-39 .) Notice the
attribute types that are labeled “Regular.” By default, only the primary keys of the tables
are selected in the attributes for each dimension. You need to manually select the other
attributes. This step is important because these are the values you query in MDX along
with the available measures.
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