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In Depth Information
Chapter 1
Business Intelligence Basics
This chapter presents the basics of business intelligence (BI). If you’re an experienced data-warehouse expert,
you might want to skip this chapter, except for the section at the end that introduces Microsoft SharePoint 2013 BI
concepts. But, because most readers will be SharePoint experts, not data-warehouse experts, we feel it necessary
to include the fundamentals of data warehousing in this topic. Although we can‘t cover every detail, we’ll tell you
everything you need to get full value from the book, and we’ll refer you to other resources for more advanced topics.
What Will You Learn?
By the end of this chapter, you’ll learn about the following:
The essentials of BI
The OLAP system and its components
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 BI tools
SharePoint 2013 BI components
Software Prerequisites
You’ll need a basic understanding of databases and the relevant tools to get the most out of the topics in this topic.
You’ll also need the software listed here:
SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Edition
SQL Server 2012 Developer Edition and its BI tools, SSDT (SQL Server Development Tools,
formerly known as BIDS, or Business Intelligence Development Studio) for Microsoft Visual
Studio 2010
SQL Server 2012 Developer Training Kit, available for download at
AdventureWorks DB for SQL Server 2012, available for download at
Visual Studio 2012 Professional Edition, trial version available for download at
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