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Figure 1-40. Measure group table selection in the Cube Wizard
If you choose Suggest, the wizard selects the available measure group tables. You can
choose your own Measure Group tables in the other case. Click Next to continue.
The Select Measures screen displays the available measures, from which you can either
select all or just what you need. Leave the default to select all, and click Next to continue.
Now you can choose to Select Existing Dimensions from any available. For now, you can
leave the default—the existing dimension. Click Next to continue.
The Select New Dimensions screen gives you the option to choose new dimensions that
the wizard identifies from the data source selected. If you already chose a dimension in
the previous step, ignore that dimension or just click Next to continue. If you previously
created a dimension and also selected the same one that’s listed here, the wizard creates
another dimension with a different name. Click Next.
Provide a valid cube name, AW Sales Data View, as shown in Figure 1-41 . Notice that
Preview displays all the measures and dimensions chosen for this cube. Click Finish to
complete the step.
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