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Business Connectivity Services
Business Connectivity Services (BCS) allows you to access data that doesn’t reside in SharePoint. You can use BCS
to perform Create, Read, Update, Delete, and Query (CRUDQ) operations on external data. BCS is the next version
of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007’s well-known Business Data Catalog. Using BCS, you can connect with
external data sources such as SQL Server, WCF services, and .NET connector assemblies.
SharePoint 2013 enhancements for BCS include support for OData, automatic generation of BDC models for
OData data sources, and an event listener to enable SharePoint users to receive notifications of events that occur in
external system.
Learn more about BCS in Chapter 6.
This chapter introduced you to
Why you need business intelligence.
The various elements of BI, as shown in Figure
1-50 .
Figure 1-50. Business intelligence components
Data warehouse components, OLAP, and cubes.
Comparison between OLTP and OLAP systems.
Querying from OLAP using MDX.
Business Intelligence fundamentals: Data Warehouses, Data Marts, Decision Support System
and Data Mining.
Understanding SQL Server tools for BI, including SSIS and SSAS.
SharePoint 2013 BI components.
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