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Introduction to Visio Services
Let me walk you through a small story called “My day begins with . . .” I wake up early in the morning, get ready,
and start from home at about 7:15 AM. On my way driving to the office, I stop by the nearest coffee shop to pick up
my morning beverage. I choose hot chocolate and head for the office—yet another decision to make, whether or not
to take the freeway. I quickly look over my shoulder and, because there’s not a lot of traffic, I choose to drive on local
streets. At 8:45 AM, I arrive at the office.
Notice the italicized words in my little story. It’s all about initiation, actions, decisions, and conclusions.
Of course, these four elements and maybe few others are required to run our lives and, in fact, any job too. Simply put,
if I want to tell my story in the form of a diagram or a flow chart, it becomes a sort of storyboard—a logical sequence
of boxes connected together, as shown in Figure 2-1 .
Takes Freeway
Arrives at Coffee
Drives back to
Coffee or Hot
Start from Home
Arrives at office
Hot Chocolate
Takes Local Streets
Figure 2-1. “My day begins with . . .” storyboard
This chapter introduces you to Visio Services and discusses using Visio with SharePoint 2013. If you’re already
familiar with Visio, a few concepts might be redundant. You might want to either skip them or parse them quickly.
Why Visio?
With Visio, you can create a wide range of diagrams easily with the help of built-in shapes, stencils, and templates.
The diagram scope can encompass the simple, like my storyboard, or the complex, like the network representation
of an entire organizational infrastructure. It can target various audiences, from business analysts to developers to
solutions architects. A construction engineer or an interior designer can create a floor plan. An electrical engineer
can create a basic electrical circuit or a logic diagram. There are endless possibilities using Visio; you just need to
focus your imagination on the available templates to create your own diagrams.
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