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Figure 2-4. Select the desired services using the Farm Configuration wizard
Click Next. SharePoint will provision all services selected in this step, and it prompts you to create a new site
collection with the selected services. You cannot choose a service that’s already installed because it will be disabled,
as shown in Figure 2-4 .
With this default mode and the service application already available to the default web application, you can
now create a site collection using one of the available templates.
This approach is very straightforward. Things get a little more interesting when you haven’t set up the services
during installation or if you later upgrade your licensing model. In such situations, you can set up Visio Services using
the following approach.
Go to Application Management Service Applications Manage Service Applications . Click the New button
on the ribbon and then choose Visio Graphics Service. Provide a valid application name, and choose or create a new
application pool under which this service application will run. As you create the application pool, you’ll have the
option to use any already configured service accounts or to register a new managed account, as shown in Figure 2-5 .
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