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.vsdx is a new file format introduced in Visio 2013, which allows you to save a Visio 2013 drawing directly
to a sharepoint library without having to publish the file as a Visio Web Drawing (.vdw). in Visio services 2010, you have
to save and publish your Visio drawing in .vdw file format before it can be rendered in the browser. For more information
on the .vsdx file format, refer to the article at .
Close Visio, and return to the folder where you saved the < filename >.vsdx file.
open your sharepoint site, and create a new document library from Settings Add an App
Document Library ; name it Visio Library .
Click on new item. in the add a document window, use the Browse option, choose the .vsdx
file, and click oK. optionally, update the properties of the document and click on the save
after the document is successfully uploaded, you’ll be returned to the document library, where you’ll see
a new item—the document you just uploaded.
Click on the document Name column to open the Visio diagram in full-screen mode in the
browser, as shown in Figure 2-7 .
Figure 2-7. Visio web drawing file in the browser
as you’ve seen, it’s very easy to create, publish, and view Visio drawings on sharepoint platform. Now let’s
discuss some of the features and capabilities of Visio services.
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