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Figure 2-12. Life cycle of a Visio diagram
Now here’s the interesting part: the designer who creates the diagram might not be a part of the entire life cycle
of the diagram. He doesn’t need to have any knowledge of SharePoint. He can simply create the designs and provide
them to the person in the next level in the hierarchy who can publish them to SharePoint. End users will access the
diagrams through application servers and view them in the browser directly. However, the process of publishing a
diagram to Visio Services is simple.
In the next section, we will explore how you can bind web drawings to data. In the “Link Data to Shapes” section,
I’ll show you how to link data to shapes using the Data Selector wizard. In the “Data Graphics” section, I will also show
you how , you can connect data to a shape and customize the appearance of a shape.
The Visio 2013 Client’s Data Tab
To bind data to a data source in the Visio 2013 client, you use the options accessed by clicking on the Data tab of
the ribbon (Figure 2-13 ). To enable all the buttons that belong to this tab, you should have at least one diagram open.
Let’s understand what each button does.
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