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Data Graphics
Data graphics is the mechanism that lets you connect data to the shape and customize the appearance of the shape.
It allows you to add visual information about the data to the shape on the Visio diagram. You can build your own data
graphic, assign it to any data field, and display the corresponding value in one of these forms: Text, Data Bar, Icon Set,
or Color by Value. Data fields are the columns that belong to a list or data table available through the data source
you selected.
Data graphics define additional design structures for the shape, and you can create more than one. Once you set
your own custom data graphics, they can be used on any other shapes on the Visio diagram using the Automatically
Link button.
Data graphics get data from the data source specified in Link Data to Shapes or Shape Data Window. 5 When you
link to the data source, the data graphics display real-time or historical information based on the customizations
you’ve set on Visio Graphics Services in Central Administration.
Here’s how to create new data graphics:
Click on the Data Graphics icon on the Data tab. This displays a settings window,
as shown in Figure 2-15 .
Figure 2-15. Creating a new data graphic
Click Create New Data Graphic to open the New Data Graphic window.
Click New Item, and a new window opens with settings for display and position,
as shown in Figure 2-16 .
5 Explained in the “Shape Data Window” section.
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