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Figure 2-16. The data graphics New Item window
In the display section, the Data field drop-down consists of the available fields from the
connected data source. When there’s no data source, few fields are displayed. If you need
a data field and don’t have a data source, you can define a custom shape data label that
can be used as a data field in this context.
To create a custom shape data label, right-click on the shape on your diagram and, from
the Data menu, select Define Shape Data . In the window that opens, enter the Label value
as “Text” (or your own custom label); select the Type as String (or whatever data type you
need); set the Value to a specific data value; and optionally configure other settings if
necessary. Then click OK.
The label will now appear in the Data field drop-down in the data graphics New Item
Once you select your new Data field label, the Displayed as drop-down is enabled and has
options for Text, Data Bar, Icon Set , and Color by Value .
For this example, let’s go with the Text option:
Choose Text in the Displayed as field to display the Style drop-down, with various options.
Once you’ve chosen the style, you can use the Position section to set the style either
horizontally or vertically for the shape. For instance, if you want to display the value of the
Text within a Circle callout and position it horizontally to the Right and vertically at the
Bottom of the shape, the settings would be similar to those in Figure 2-17 .
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