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Figure 2-17. Set data field styles, position, and details
In the Details section, you can set the data field metadata values. For instance, @ in the
Value Format field represents Text format.
Clicking OK returns you to the New Data Graphic window.
You can edit an existing item by clicking Edit Item, and you can delete an item by clicking
the Delete button. Click OK to close the wizard.
You can also set the value of the shape using the Shape Data Window that’s available when
you select this option in the Show/Hide section of the Data tab. You can set the Text value
and view how the value is displayed for the shape. For instance, to set the Text value for
the flight shape as “Passenger Airplane,” select the shape and on the Shape Data Window,
type in Passenger Airplane . The text will appear in the bottom right corner of the image
as a callout, as per the previous position settings (Figure 2-18 ).
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