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Figure 2-18. Adding text to the shape
You can obtain this shape from More shapes ➤ Visio extras ➤ symbols (Us units) ➤ airport.
You’ll notice the same text label beneath the shape; this is the general text that comes with the shape,
and it’s what would be used as a condition for automatically linking other shapes.
Automatically Link
To use the Data tab’s Automatically Link functionality, first you need to set a Text value either by double-clicking
on the shape or by using the Shape Data Window on all the shapes. Using the Data Graphics option, you can create
items based on data fields (as shown in the previous section). First, you will have to create a complete data graphic
for at least one shape. After you create the data sources, you can bind a shape to a row of data by simply dragging
and dropping the row onto the shape. This process creates a link between the shape text, the data column name
(for instance, Title), and the column values of the row. This is the final step before linking all the shapes. Click on
the Automatically Link button in the External Data section of the Data tab. The wizard lets you decide whether to
link Selected shapes or All shapes on this page , as shown in Figure 2-19 .
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