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Using refresh all or refresh Data doesn’t affect sharepoint in any way. these options work only with respect
to the Visio diagram and the related data source.
You can choose the data source (if one is available) and click on either Refresh or Refresh All to refresh the
available data sources as shown in the Figure 2-22 . Either action will connect to the data source and retrieve the
most recent data. Choosing the data source and clicking on Configure opens the data source configuration wizard.
If no data source was configured earlier, none is listed in this window.
Figure 2-22. Refresh Data window
Insert Legend
Use Visio 2013 Data tab:(as shown in Figure 2-23 ) to display information regarding the Data Bar, Icon Set,
or Color by Value display options available from the Data Graphics dialog. Legends display information related
to the existing page. You can set the legend direction to be either horizontal or vertical. However, legends are not
automatically updated. If you modify the diagram, legends need to be manually deleted and inserted once again
to reflect the changes.
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