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as you can see, you can also disconnect the row data from the shape using the Unlink option
from the context menu.
When all the rows are linked, the leftmost columns will display link icons for all the rows.
if there is any mismatch between the column name and the text on the shapes, the linking will not work.
also, if you add a new row of data, you’ll need to create a new shape and link the row data to that shape.
Click on Data Graphics, and choose the Create New Data Graphic option.
Click on New item. From the Data field, choose Arrival delays , and from the Displayed as
options, choose Icon Set .
From style, choose the face icons as shown in Figure 2-31 .
Figure 2-31. Choosing a style for Arrival delays
Under the Rules for showing each icon panel, set the conditions and values for each icon
as in Figure 2-31 .
Choose the position as right for horizontal and top for Vertical, and click oK.
once again, from the New Data Graphic window, click on New item and in the Data field,
choose Missing baggage count .
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