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Under the Displayed as option, choose Data Bar and select Star rating as the style.
in the Details section, set Minimum Value to 18 and Maximum Value to 0 and leave the other
options as they are, as shown in Figure 2-32 . Deselect Use default position , set horizontal
to Center, set Vertical to top, and click oK.
Figure 2-32. Choosing a style for Missing baggage count
Because the maximum baggage count by any airline carrier in this example is 18, we’ll use this for
easy comparison.
return to the New Data Graphic window, and notice the two data-field settings. if you click
either apply or oK, an alert asks “Do you want to apply this data graphic to the selected
shapes?” Click Yes to close the prompt.
Notice the two icon sets that are displayed for the British airways flight; with the available
data (Figure 2-33 ), the graphic must display ratings in the center top position and a frown
icon in the right top corner.
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