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Figure 2-34. Completed Visio diagram with data graphics set
Now that your Visio diagram is ready, publish it to your sharepoint environment.
From the File menu, select Save As . Choose the Save to SharePoint option, and browse to the
Visio Library document library created earlier. select the Visio Drawing File type, and click
the Save button to save the file as Airport.vsdx , overwriting the existing file.
You can decide to not overwrite the file it by choosing another file name, such as Airport_with_data.vsdx .
access your sharepoint site, and open the Visio Library document library.
Click on add document, browse to and choose the .vsdx file, and click oK.
Click on the .vsdx document, and notice that the Visio diagram opens in a full browser
window with the diagram and shapes connected to the sharepoint list data.
You will see a Refresh Disabled warning the first time you open a diagram driven with data. (see Figure 2-35 .)
Click on Allow Refresh to refresh the data. By default, Visio Web access disables data refresh unless you explicitly choose
to allow it.
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