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Figure 2-35. Refresh status prompt for a Visio drawing
return to the airport Flight stats custom list, and edit the Lufthansa item. Change the
Arrival delays value to 14 and Missing baggage count to 15 and click on save.
return to the Visio Library document library, and click on the airport.vsdx drawing file.
Notice that the Lufthansa flight data graphic styles have changed based on the new values.
to get real-time values, you’ll want to set the Minimum Cache Age and Maximum Cache Age Value to zero.
You’ll find these under Global settings for Visio Graphics service on the Central administration screen (explained later
in this chapter).
You’ve already seen how to view Visio diagrams in the sharepoint environment by clicking on the .vsdx file in
the document library; this opens the diagram in full-screen mode in the browser. Well, this might not be what
you want in every situation. You might want to display diagrams on a page with other web parts, or you might be
connecting to information with other web parts. For such cases, you can use the Visio Web Access web part .
Using the Visio Web Access Web Part
To have this functionality, be sure to activate the SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection Feature feature. You can
access the Visio Web Access (VWA) web part , which is available out of the box, under the Business Data Category.
To add this web part on a page, edit the page by clicking on Edit icon. Click the Insert tab on the ribbon, and select
Web Part. Select Business Data folder and then Visio Web Access web part. Now click Add to add the Web Access web
part to the page. The VWA web part seeks the .vsdx/.vdw file path to display the drawings. Use the Click here to open
the tool pane link, and choose the .vsdx file from your Visio Library as shown in Figure 2-36 . Then click Insert.
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