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As soon as the filter is applied, notice that the shape with the corresponding value is
selected, as Figure 2-40 shows.
Figure 2-40. Visio Web Access web part connections with filtered data
You can use web part connections with any list to obtain filtered data results on the drawing, assuming there
is information to filter. if there’s no filtered information, you will not see any results.
Here are the various connection options:
Send Shape Data To (provider): Sends shape data to any other web part on the page.
Get Web Drawing URL and Page Name From (consumer): Gets the diagram URL from
another web part on the page to render.
Get Shapes to Highlight From (consumer): Gets the shape name from another web part
to highlight the corresponding shape.
Get Filter Results From (consumer): Gets shape data values from another web part
to highlight the shapes based on the values provided.
Get Shape to View: Gets and zooms to the shape provided.
if you need to configure advanced options, you might have to use sharepoint Designer. You can extend and build
custom interfaces to address connections to other web parts on the page using the iWebpartparameters interface. For more
details, visit .
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