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So far you’ve seen publishing Visio drawings either with data (using a SharePoint list) or without data. Now let’s
see how to connect using SQL Server as a data source, publish the diagrams to SharePoint, and configure security
Using a SQL Server Data Source
Now that you’ve seen how to establish a data connection with a SharePoint list, let’s try to connect a Visio diagram to
a SQL Server table. First, of course, you’ll need to create a database table and then populate the table with some data.
prOBLeM CaSe
Display Washington, D.C. mall monuments with the number of visitors in a year and the landmarks’ popularity
ratings. publish this diagram to sharepoint, and use Visio services to display real-time data.
Create a new database named VisioServices .
Create a table named tblLandmarks in the new database, and create the columns shown
in Figure 2-41 . populate the columns with data as shown in Figure 2-42 .
Figure 2-41. Design a custom SQL table structure
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