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Figure 2-42. Populating the custom table with sample data
open Visio 2013, and create a new diagram. From More shapes ➤ Maps and Floor plans ➤ Map,
choose Landmark shapes (Us Units) and add some of the available shapes to the page. provide
titles for all the shapes either by using the shape Data window or the shape’s label. When you
create each label, make sure it matches the values in the Landmark column in Figure 2-42 .
Use Link Data to Shapes , choose the Microsoft sQL server database option, and then click Next.
in the Data Connection wizard, enter the server name and the Log-on credentials, either
Windows authentication or User Name and password. Click Next to continue.
While communicating with sQL server through Visio services, you’ll need to configure an additional setting.
if you’re using sQL server with Windows authentication, you’d connect using the following:
Kerberos/integrated Windows authentication. this setting uses the current logged-in user account, which requires
Kerberos delegation to authenticate to the database server. For more information on Kerberos, see .
secure store service (sss). this setting uses either an individual user or group that’s mapped for authentication while
using an office data connection file (*.oDC). sss is explained in more detail later in this chapter.
Unattended service account. this is a low-privilege Windows account mapped to a target application that is impersonated
while connecting to the database. (this is also what you’d use with sQL authentication.) We will be using this model with
sss while connecting to sQL server as a data source.
From the available databases, choose Visioservices and select the tblLandmarks table.
Click Next to continue.
the next step gives you the option to save the data connection file (.odc) as a physical file.
Click on Browse to choose where to save the .odc 6 file (or skip this step by clicking on Finish).
provide a friendly name for the file, and click Finish to complete the wizard.
6 The .odc file can be repurposed to create a new data source connection from the Data Selector window by choosing the option
Previously created connection .
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