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to create a data-refreshable web drawing, you have to save the .odc file to the same sharepoint site location
as the data connection library.
on the Data selector screen, choose the columns and rows to include and click Next to
continue. after a successful import message, click on Finish.
the external Data window will now load and display the data from the selected database table.
Make sure that the text in the Landmark column is identical to the Title of the shapes.
Drag row data from the external Data window to the shape on the page. if the column text
is identical to the shape text, the link will be created successfully and you can then create
the data graphics for the shape.
Create the Data Graphics as explained earlier, and choose the Ratings data field. Deselect
Use default position , and set the custom position for the Data Bar style as horizontally Center
and vertically above shape.
add the Visitors data field, and choose the thermometer Data Bar style. position it Far right
horizontally and Middle vertically. Click oK to close the Data Graphics wizard.
Use the Automatically Link all shapes option to connect all the rows of data to the respective
shapes. Choose the data column Landmark to match the shape field shape text, and click
on Finish button.
Now use the insert Legend option to insert legend and rename the page as DC Landmarks .
the web drawing should now look like the one in Figure 2-43 .
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