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Rehearse Timings
Rehearse Timings
Basic steps
Select the slide you want
to start your presentation
from (usually the first)
It is a very good idea to practise your presentation before you
end up in front of your audience. As well as practising what
you intend to say (probably with the aid of notes you have
made using the Speaker’s Notes feature), you can rehearse the
timings for each slide.
Click the Rehearse
Timings tool to do
your practice run
Go over what you intend
to say while the slide is
Rehearsal toolbar
Click the left mouse
button to move to the
next slide when ready
Moves onto next slide in presentation
Repeat steps 3 and 4
until you reach the end of
your presentation
Pauses the slide show. Click the tool
again to restart it from same point.
Slide Time
Displays the time spent on the current
Restarts the timing for the current slide
Total Displays the total time taken on the
presentation time presentation
T ake note
ake note
You can adjust your timings using the
Slide Transition task pane. See page 103.
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