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What is PowerPoint?
What is PowerPoint?
PowerPoint is a presentation graphics package. If you have to
make presentations, PowerPoint can help make your life
easier by giving you the tools that you need to produce your
own presentation materials with little or no help from
presentation graphics specialists.
You can use PowerPoint to produce:
Slides are the individual pages of your
presentation. They may contain text, graphs, clip
art, tables, drawings, animation, movies,
music, shapes – and more!! PowerPoint will
allow you to present your slides via a slide
show on your computer, 35mm slides or
overhead projector transparencies.
Notes Page
A speaker’s notes page accompanies each slide you
create. Each notes page contains a small image of the
slide plus any notes that you type in. You can print the
pages and use them to prompt you during your
T ake note
ake note
A PowerPoint presentation is a collection of slides,
with optional, but useful support materials, e.g.
speaker’s notes, handouts and an outline – all in
one file.
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