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Viewing a show
Viewing a show
Basic steps
To start your Slide Show
from slide 1
You can run your slide show at any time to check how your
presentation is progressing. During the slide show, each slide
fills the whole of your computer screen.
Press [F5]
After the last slide has been viewed, you are returned to the
view you were in when you started your show.
To start your Slide Show
from any slide
Select the slide you want
to start from (in Normal
or Slide Sorter view)
Click the Slide Show
(from current slide) icon
to the left of the
horizontal scroll bar
Press [Shift]-[F5]
Each time you click the
left mouse button, the
next slide in your
presentation will be displayed
Slide navigation buttons
T ake note
ake note
You can exit your Slide
Show at any time by
pressing [Esc] .
Use Slide Show view together with Slide Sorter
view when experimenting with Transition and
Animation effects. You can then check that the
options you choose are having the desired effect.
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