Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
The PowerPoint window
The PowerPoint window
Basic steps
To control the Standard
and Formatting toolbars
The PowerPoint window is very similar to other Microsoft
applications windows. If you use Word, Excel or Access you
will recognise some of the tools on the toolbars.
Click the Toolbar Options
The Standard and Formatting toolbars usually appear along
the top of the window. These two can share a single row on the
screen, to leave more room for your work. The Drawing
toolbar is usually along the bottom of the window.
Select Show Buttons on
One Row or Two Rows
To display/hide toolbars
The toolbars can be hidden or shown as required.
Open the View menu,
choose Toolbars then
select or deselect the
toolbars as required
Standard toolbar
Formatting toolbar
Click the arrow
One row or two?
Slide pane
Slides pane
Views buttons
Status bar
Notes pane
Drawing toolbar
Task pane
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