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Save file
Save vs Save As
Basic steps
The first time you save a presentation, you are taken to the
Save As dialog box where you specify the drive and/or folder
that the file is to be saved in, and give it a name. Thereafter,
any time you save the presentation using the Save tool , the
saved file is replaced by the new, edited version. If you want
to keep the original AND the edited version, you can save the
edited version with a different filename or file type, or in a
different location, from the Save As dialog box.
Open the File menu
Click Save As
Change the folder, file
name and/or file type, to
create a new file
Open the File menu
Take note
ake note
By default, your file will be
saved using the
Presentation file format, with a .ppt
extension. To save a file in a
different format, select the
format from the Save as
type field in the Save As
dialog box.
Select Save As
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